After studying and living in a yoga monastery for 37 years, Muni now helps students transform their lives through meditation and raja yoga classes, workshops and global retreats.


Meditation Workshops: Daniel Island, SC

Would you like to relax your body, calm your mind, and connect with your highest Self?  During this series of Saturday morning meditation workshops, Muni will share meditation and Raja Yoga tools and techniques that he learned and practiced during his 37 years as a monk in a yoga monastery.

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The Daniel Island News recently showcased Muni's unique life story.

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Inspired Art By Muni

Muni offers a beautiful portfolio of spiriturally-inspired artwork created during his years in the monastery and after.

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Divinely Inspired Living Interview with award winning self-help author Debra Moffitt

What's meditation? Is it the same as walking in nature? Muni Natarajan was a monk in a Hindu monastery for 37 years and continues a serious sadhana (meditation practice) even after his marriage and move to Charleston, South Carolina.

Private and Group Meditation Instruction

 Muni offers private and group meditation classes on Daniel Island. Students of every age and experience level are welcome! Each 60-minute class is customized o meet the needs or interests of the student or group.

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From Monk to Married: Interview with Muni Natarajan

 Muni Natarajan, is an accomplished artist, musician, yoga teacher, and author of A Monk’s Tale. In this interview he talks about some of the joys and challenges of going from the monastery to marriage and living a life in the world.

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