What people say about Muni's classes and books.

Yoga with Muni has changed me. I am more flexible, have better balance and more importantly I am more present to my life experiences. He is a gem on Daniel Island and we are blessed to have his studio here. He brings such a unique set of experiences from his many years in the monastery and he couples that with an approach to yoga practice that is very unique. He is willing to tailor your experience of yoga based on your own goals and desires and the results are extraordinary. When you are ready to commit, he is the person to partner with to create a journey of personal growth.
— Peg Clarkson
A Monk’s Tale is entertaining, surprising, moving, guiding. I laughed and cried and grew through easily accessible spiritual wisdom. Amazing to read an authentic account of modern-day monastic life.”
— Rozalina Brightly
When I think of Muni’s yoga class, the words balance, order, rhythm, concentration, relaxation, strength, quieting the mind and letting go enter my mind. For me, those are the biggest reasons I’ve stayed with it for over a year - and what I miss most when I can’t get to class. I have a demanding career that I love, with little time and too much to do. It’s not easy, but Muni’s class helps me find the ease.
— Diane Thielfoldt
I am 65 years old. I have a genuine passion for golf. To complement my golf, I would go to the fitness center 2-3 times a week for 60 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of light weight machines. I tried Yoga several years ago and hated it. It did nothing for me. Most likely because I did not know how to do it correctly. My wife had me try Muni with her and a friend. He started slow…. teaching proper technique. I progressed over time and ended up going to a male only class. It has been three years now going twice an week. I even gave up playing golf one day just so I could do the yoga. My golf handicap has come down 5 shots. My distance is longer. My accuracy off the tee and to the pin is vastly improved. I use breath control on my putting and am always around the hole even on tricky ones. It is incredible but I am finding that I never feel nervous on any shot even when I play in tournaments. In our class, we do a combination of balance, core, flexibility and breath control. It is never boring because Muni changes it up every session. I can now do things I never could do before. I look forward to my time with Muni each week and leave every session feeling great!
— Tom Clarkson
Both the complete novice and the seasoned yogi will benefit from the book, Into the I of All. Author, Muni Natarajan, a Western mystic with and Eastern soul, who studied and trained under the enlightened yoga master Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, introduces aspirants of yoga to the entirety of yoga in a refreshingly friendly format.

Muni has been practicing yoga for decades, during which time he served in his master’s mission. He is a yoga master of an ancient order in his own right. His wisdom from his unbroken practice of yoga is reflected in the practical and friendly approach of this book. I recommend this for people of all interest and maturity in yoga. You will find something in it that is valuable and fresh to you.
— Swami Guhanatha
Our journey often finds us in the face of some boulders, but through Muni’s music, meditation and yoga practices, we soon discover those boulders become smooth steppingstones to something more beautiful!
— Sara Esch Hester